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Platform Contributor PCS

Platform Contributor PCS

Available On-Premise and On-Cloud

Collaborative Sharing is the entry point to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and provides customers with the full technical platform architecture as well as essential apps to start creating delightful experiences for their ultimate customers or consumers.

Collaborative Innovation provides engineering teams with a scalable online environment for managing product design, multi-physics simulation and manufacturing process planning with maximum traceability and flexibility.

upgrade of existing customers to this new paradigm for innovation and experience creation. Since the platform is designed from the ground up for breakthrough levels of collaboration, the entry-level platform service offered is called Collaborative Sharing which includes the full technical platform architecture as well as essential apps to get started. Collaborative Sharing is required for SolidWorks® as well as many of the Governance/Lifecycle-centric processes of the 3DEXPERIENCE portfolio.


Platform Contributor PCS

Platform Contributor PCS

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Main Benefits Include:

  • Unique and Innovative User Experience
  • Manage and Share Content for Effective Collaboration
  • Drive Effective Enterprise Social Collaboration
  • Display Business Critical Information for Enhanced Decision-Making
  • Enjoy Immersive Business Intelligence
  • Instantly Collaborate and Share Ideas in 3D
  • Instantly Find What You Need When You Need It
  • Unique Filtering To Find What You Need Faster
  • Benefit from Best in Class 3D Visualization
  • Manage IP Collaboratively
  • One Click to Start
  • Manage Platform Access
  • Manage Disk Space


  • Unified user experience across all brands processes and social industries experiences
  • Ease of use and extension to any discipline (engineering, manufacturing, sales, marketing, procurement and finance) as well as to the supply chain
  • Business dashboarding aggregating multiple data sources (internal, web, etc.), from multiples disciplines for improved decision making
  • Improved flexibility, designed for the cloud, enabling fast deployment to SMBs and new industries and featuring out of the box social collaboration

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