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Plastic Mechanical Designer FPP

Plastic Mechanical Designer FPP

Available On-Premise and On-Cloud

Designing and creating molded parts requires a fast and flexible solution based on cutting-edge technology, so you have time to keep up-to-date with the latest design market trends and stay ahead of the competition.

CATIA Plastic Part Designer delivers ultra-fast functional modeling for unmatched productivity and flexibility to address the complete design-to-manufacturing preparation process of molded parts. It responds to the needs of companies that require an optimal method for dealing with changes throughout the product lifecycle.

Plastic Mechanical Designer FPP

Plastic Mechanical Designer FPP

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  • Highly productive Mechanical Engineering
  • Short global Design Process
  • Controlled engineering effort
  • Total quality, on time
  • Strong reactivity to customer requests


  • Unique technology offering behavior-driven mechanical features
  • Intuitive direct 3D modeling
  • Lean and robust design
  • Apply know-how rules capitalizing best Design For Manufacturing practices
  • Automate design tasks
  • Fast and safe design changes
  • Enable effective Concurrent Engineering

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