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NC Milling Machining Programmer NMG

NC Milling Machining Programmer NMG

NC Milling Machining Programmer creates, optimizes and validates complex milling programs. NC Milling Machining Programmer delivers the ability to program milling machines to produce 3D parts that require advanced 2.5-axis and 3-axis milling, axial and probing operations as well as the ability to switch to 5-axis motion. Built on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, a lifelike virtual workplace is provided to create, optimize and validate milling programs. Programmers easily access current information for machining resources, NC programs and part setup. NC Milling Machining Programmer provides a full set of features for workpiece setup, cutter tool assembly, and toolpath simulation that includes material removal and NC code generation.

NC Milling Machining Programmer NMG

NC Milling Machining Programmer NMG

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Main Benefits Include:

  • Reduce NC programming time

NC programmers are more effi cient with features such
as intuitive graphic dialog boxes, traffi c light indicators
for undefi ned machining parameters and a help icon for each parameter operation. When NC programs are authored or edited, the machine tool’s kinematic defi nition is taken into account.

  • Increase machine tool utilization

The wide range of operations and strategies helps programmers create toolpath programs that reduce non-value added motion. NC Milling Machining Programmer takes the in-process part into account to generate collision-free toolpaths. The 3-to-5 converter option provides the best of both worlds: high-speed milling wherever the initial constant tool axis can be held, and high-quality machining without tool change with 5-axis motion locally.

  • Mitigate risk to production

The 3D environment enables programmers to create optimized NC programs in the manufacturing context, with NC machine, cutter, tool assemblies and NC accessories. This provides a better understanding of the machining cell and helps to ensure that the toolpath and machining strategy take the tool’s physical environment into account. It reduces the risk of unexpected issues at the machine and the resulting production delays.

  • Leverage intellectual property

NC Milling Machining Programmer improves automation and standardization of NC toolpath programs. Users can define
and store machining processes for multi-pocket operations as dedicated templates and store them in catalogs for reuse. Enterprise IP is capitalized and recycled to make programming more efficient.


  • Groundbreaking 3DEXPERIENCE platform
  • Setup Wizard and an immersive, context-based user interface
  • Manage and program machining resources
  • Automatic association of prismatic machining features with part design
  • High-end strategies from roughing to fi nishing
  • Powerful roughing and seamless roughing rework
  • Seamless NC data generation
  • Increased effi ciency for hard-material machining and
    protected cutters

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