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CATIA Composite Engineering Pack – CEK

CATIA Composite Engineering Pack – CEK

CATIA Composite Engineering Pack – CEK

The collaborative and integrated CATIA Composites Engineering environment fosters the rapid creation of innovative composite parts for the aerospace, automotive, wind energy, and shipbuilding industries. Designers can work concurrently on the same design, while composites manufacturing constraints can be embedded early in the conceptual stage, dramatically shortening design time.

In addition to the zones and tapers approach, two new approaches, grid design and solid slicing, have been developed for a variety of industries. The design of aerospace barrels, boat hulls, and wind turbine blades can particularly benefit from the grid design approach to mate better with structural parts. The solid slicing approach is especially beneficial to optimize composite design steps for aerospace engine turbine blades, energy structural elements, and reengineering of metal parts.

CATIA Composite Engineering Pack – CEK

CATIA Composite Engineering Pack – CEK

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  • Capture structural elements for large composite parts with grid-based design
  • Automate and make design changes quickly with zones and transition zones modeling
  • Benefit from flexible preliminary design approaches to tailor plies to each type of intended part
  • Enhance quality and productivity supported by mighty ply modeling tools
  • Capture geometrical specifications and analysis context at preliminary design stage
  • Validate designs profoundly and check data integrity
  • Access predictability and early manufacturability assessment
  • Facilitate innovation, save time and expense with CATIA V6
  • Design high-level complex geometrical configurations

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