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DELMIA Manufacturing Engineerers Pack – MIK

DELMIA Manufacturing Engineerers Pack – MIK

DELMIA Manufacturing Engineerers Pack – MIK

DELMIA Machining Pack delivers basic CAD/CAM capabilities to the mid-market by delivering CATIA Mechanical Engineering and including Prismatic Machining and Machine Tool Builder capabilities. This product forms the base for advanced NC solutions such as Milling Machining, Extended Milling Machining, Turning, and NC Machine Simulation. All other V6 PLM Express extensions can be added to this pack. DELMIA Machining Pack covers a wide range of operations such as part design, parts positioning, automated mechanisms design, assembly drawing generation, based on the V6 collaborative platform. This enables true concurrent design on the same assembly and automates the design process with a robust relational design. Additionally, DELMIA Machining Pack allows the user to easily define axial and 2.5-axis milling operations, including support for High Speed Cutting technologies. Users can quickly define a tool path through an intuitive user interface based on graphic dialog boxes and powerful simulation capabilities. Using a bundled configuration of CATIA 3D Design, DELMIA Prismatic Machining, DELMIA Machine Tool Builder, ENOVIA 3DLive, ENOVIA VPM Team Central, and ENOVIA Team BOM Editor, NC Programmers and other departments in your organization can now work within a single PLM environment to efficiently manage, review, and reuse V6 work-in-progress product information. In addition, this ENOVIA product bundle enables your users to manage, manipulate, track and collaborate on product structures and Engineering Bill of Material (EBOM) throughout the product lifecycle, helping to eliminate part-redundancy, minimize errors, and expedite product-development processes.

DELMIA Manufacturing Engineerers Pack – MIK

DELMIA Manufacturing Engineerers Pack – MIK

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  • Leverage concurrent engineering by enabling different users from differents location to work at the same time on the same assembly.
  • Drive design evolution in a very flexible way to drastically reduce design time. This enables to switch or substitue parts and assemblies.
  • Create a gap in design productivity and increase quality of the final product thanks to design templates and rule-based corporate standards.
  • Provide the right tool to the right people with a complete integration from the concept to the manufacturing phase. From direct modeling with CATIA Live shape to functional modeling that preserves design intent. Heavy CAD designers or casual user can boost innovation and deliver quickly high value final product to their market.
  • Automatic generation of drawing from 3D mechanical design and assembly plus interactive drafting for top of professionnal production that integrates dress up and annotations. Deliver automatic update to improves consistency.
  • Real time rendering helps to interactively create and evaluate realistic renderings, test design alternatives, front load more decisions and more images production on virtual prototypes at any time in the PLM.

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Nazwa modułuOpis
MIK DELMIA Machining Pack
DELMIA Machining Moduł do obróbki maszynowej
NC Prismatic Machining Obróbka 2,5-osiowa
DELMIA NC Machine Builder Moduł tworzenia wirtualnych maszyn CNC
 Live Collaboration  Srodowisko PDM Enovia V6
 VPM 3D Indexing
 ENOVIA Program Experience
 Collaboration for Microsoft
 3DLive Configuration
 VPM Team Central
VPM Team BOM Editor
 CATIA 3D Design
 2D Layout Browser  Moduł przeglądarki 2D
 CATIA 3D Shape Editor Moduł edycji powierzchni
 CATIA Weight&Center of Gravity Moduł do wyznaczania wagi i środka ciężkości
 V4 Integration Moduł intergracji z CatiaV4
 Interactive Drafting  Tworzenie płaskiej dokumentacji 2D
 Generative Drafting Tworzenie płaskiej dokumentacji 2D z modelu 3D
VPM Physical Editor Moduł edycji modeli fizycznych
 Part Design 1  Modelowanie bryłowe
 IGES Interface  Interfejs danych IGES
 Assembly Design 1  Moduł do budowy złożeń
 CATIA Live Shape
 CATIA Live Compose
Moduł umożliwiający prace na modlach (bryłach
i powierzchniach) z systemów zewnętzrnych
 Product Knowledge Template 1 Tworzenie szablonów konstrukcyjnych
 Knowledge Expert1 Tworzenie reguł konstrukcyjnych
 Standard STEP Interface 1 Interfejs danych STEP
Functional 3D Modeling 1 Moduł funkcjonalnego modelowania 3D
 2D Layout Browser   Moduł przeglądarki 2D
 Generative Shape Design 1 Modelowanie powierzchniowe
 Knowledge Expert 1 Moduł tworzenia szablonów i reguł konstrkcyjnych
 Materials Definition Moduł definicji materiałów
Collaborative Design Moduł współpracy inżynierskiej
STL Standard Rapid Prototyping Moduł zapisu i odczytu danych STL
Live Distiller Moduł do szybkiej pracy na złożeniach

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