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Accomodation Layout – ACX

Accomodation Layout – ACX

Accomodation Layout – ACX

A preliminary design layout is essential to ensure structural design accuracy. Without verifying the space reservation early in the design phase, the design is susceptible to errors and delays.

CATIA – Accommodation Layout improves conceptual design by delivering powerful capabilities to define structural design: space reservation of electrical, fluidic systems, plate thickness, stiffeners … and compartments and accesses.

Accomodation Layout – ACX

Accomodation Layout – ACX

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  • Define plate thickness, adding stiffeners and pillars or stanchions
  • Define space reservations for electrical systems in the early phases of the design process
  • Easy and intuitive routing capabilities to create pathways
  • Simple and easy design process thanks to the FEM Command
  • Full modification capabilities for design iteration
  • Defines wall systems within a deck, compartments and boundary surfaces inside a ship
  • Quick generation of multiple wall surfaces to facilitate their design
  • Place access objects such as doors, windows, stairs
  • Provide accurate and efficient Drawing and Report generation capabilities

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