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CATIA Fabricated Part Design – FPD

CATIA Fabricated Part Design – FPD

CATIA Fabricated Part Design – FPD

CATIA Fabricated Part Design ensures a rapid design of sheet metal parts, by taking capitalized know-how and manufacturing constraints into account early in the design process. This ensures full compliance with company rules and standards for efficient manufacturing.

The Weld Design workbench makes it possible to complete the design of complicated welded assemblies based on process definitions and rules. Classical or user-defined welds and part preparation are created in 3D, with associative annotations and right symbols generated in 2D drawings.

CATIA Fabricated Part Design – FPD

CATIA Fabricated Part Design – FPD

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  • The administrator defines environments for each kind of user. This guarantees that users will use the right elements from specific external resources such as the design tables, catalogues or rule sets. Profiles, plate thickness, bend radius, and colors can be effectively controlled and knowledge rules can be automatically instanciated. This management and reuse of the corporate know-how increases productivity and ensures higher quality.
  • The folded/unfolded views allow concurrent engineering between the functional shape of the part and the definitive shape including manufacturing constraints. Furthermore, the auto recognition ability enables users to begin a design from an existing solid (for example provided by his contractor) and identify walls, bends and cutouts from the geometry. Design changes are automatically updated in the detailed design. By using Sheet Metal Design, suppliers and contractors are empowered with closer collaboration.
  • In the context of sheet metal parts, a drafting view of the part can be automatically generated, including the representation of bend axes, value and radius, line for upward /downward bends and stamps, for example. The folded view can also be added in the same sheet. The associativity of generated drawings reduces time to market.
  • The user is guided through the specification of the welding process thanks to an intuitive user interface. Welded elements are automatically created from the selection of faces. CATIA Weld Design will automatically prepare the parts to be welded, creating associative assembly features in addition to the weld seam. The resulting prepared plates can be associatively merged in a single derived representation to simplify the data life cycle management.
  • This function enables users to declare any geometrical feature as a representation of a weld. The advantage is that the user can create a non-standard weld but the system will still handle it as a weld. Subsequently, it will be considered for drafting, mass, inertia, material application and all downstream use of welding elements.
  • Users can design welds with full flexibility and advanced productivity, thanks to consistent associativity (weld creation and preparation) between parts containing welds and their 2D annotations. Moreover, normalized weld symbols are automatically generated in the views, section views and section cuts
  • Mass and inertia of the weld ribbons are added to the mass and the inertia of the whole assembly so that the user, by specifying the weld material, can perform relevant calculations. Welds can also be integrated in the clash collision of the assembly. The weld attributes can be taken into account in Knowledgeware products as geometric parameters (length, width, etc.) or technological parameters (quality, etc.). This offers advanced design productivity and a reliable way of incorporating the weld process into the global PLM collaboration. The Welding Reports include the welds’ physical properties and their structure in order to estimate welding costs very quickly.
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FPD Fabricated Part Design
 CATIA Sheetmetal Design  Projektowanie elementów blaszanych
 CATIA Weld Design  Projektowanie spoin

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