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DELMIA Live Assembly – LAS

DELMIA Live Assembly – LAS

DELMIA Live Assembly – LAS

DELMIA Live Assembly (LAS) provides product designers with a simple to use programming and simulation interface specifically designed for non-expert simulation users to conduct assembly feasibility analysis. Designers can create, simulate, and re-order assembly trajectories during their analysis in this intuitive V6 3D environment.

DELMIA Live Assembly provides a virtual 3D environment that allows the design engineer to evaluate and update their designs with multiple stakeholders at anytime in the product, process and resource planning stages.

DELMIA Live Assembly – LAS

DELMIA Live Assembly – LAS

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  • Easily and efficiently review and/or modify the MBOM structure in 3D using turntables.
  • Automatically extract the possible disassembly directions for each part, to facilitate the creation of trajectories. This reduces the time required to create a valuable disassembly state for the product. The user can then manually modify the trajectories as needed and re-squence the operations as desired.
  • Dedicated 3D Manipulator for easier part motion trajectory creation, with collision feedback provides precise validation of the feasibility of assembly by interactively avoiding collisions during the creation of parts trajectory. Easily create disassembly trajectories by moving parts in a life-like manner. Simply click a surface of a part and pull it with the mouse to the desired location.
  • Rapid creation and validation of assembly sequences by reversing the disassembly trajectories and dynamically constructing the assembly sequence.
  • Especially tailored for simple viewing of the assembly specification, the Filmstrip Sequence Viewer/Edior provides an efficient display of the assembly sequences with drag and drop editing capabilities for rapid sequence alteration (reordering, grouping).
  • Collaborate and review the assembly sequence specifications allows users to reduce the time needed to meet and discuss any issues with the product design or with the product manufacturability by collaborating online and reviewing the issues live, with the help of the standard collaboration capabilities of V6.


  • Navigate and/or reorganize the 3D MBOM structure
  • Automatic Disassembly Trojectory Definition
  • Dedicated 3D Manipulator
  • Automatic creation of the assembly sequence
  • Filmstrip sequence viewer/editor
  • Replay trajectory and/or Assembly Sequence
  • Collaboration and Review

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