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TBI VTL 2000

TBI VTL 2000

TBI VTL 2000

Basic features of the VTL-line machines:

TBI VTL 2000

TBI VTL 2000

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  • Rigid monoblock cast-iron construction
  • Compact subassembly construction for processing requirements
  • Automatic ZF gearbox
  • Telescopic steel covers of the crossbeam
  • Processing stability and precision
  • A chip removal system
  • A central lubrication system


  • A central cooling system
  • An oil separator
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NameUnitTBI VTL 2000
   Table diameter mm  2 000
   Maximum turning diameter mm  2 400
   Maximum turning height mm 1 500
   Maximum weight of detail kg 20 000
   Maximum cutting force N 26 500
   X axis travel mm  1 835
   Drive speed x axis m/min 12
   Z axis travel mm  1 000
   Drive speed z axis m/min 10
Dimensions and weight
   Weight kg 38 200
   Length mm 6 300
   Width mm 4 300
   Height mm 5 700


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