About us

  1. Start of the company

    Launch of TBI Technology and assumption of Wemas brand representation for Poland.


    Starting cooperation with Auerbach GmbH manufacturer of deep drilling machine tools and 5-axis large-scale machine tools.


    TBI is Sescoi's sole representative in Poland of WorkNC, a manufacturer of advanced CAM software.

    Dassault Systemes

    The company becomes a partner in the distribution and implementation of Catia software.

  2. TBI Technology expands offerings

    large-size machine tools and establishes cooperation with SAFOP and Forest Line machine tool manufacturers

  3. TBI machine tools

    Starting machine tool production in Taiwan and launching machine tools under its own brand.

    Prototype machine tool

    TBI designs and manufactures the first prototype machine tool for tube drilling.

    The origins of the TBI Group

    Acquisition of a majority stake in manufacturing company DOMGOS.

    New headquarters

    The company is moving to a new location with a production hall and large administrative facilities.

  4. IMS Software

    Start of partnership with post-processor manufacturer IMS Software

  5. TBI Tools

    Introduction of machining tools and creation of tool brand TBI Tools.

    Gruppo Parpas

    Starting cooperation with the Italian company Gruppo Parpas in the field of sales and service of large-size machine tools for high-precision HSM machining.

    TBI VC series

    Wprowadzenie nowej serii pionowych centrów obróbczych Linia TBI VC.

    Gazelles of Business

    The title of Business Gazelle 2012 for TBI Technology.

  6. U5 series

    New product in the offer - 5-axis machining centers

    SDV-H series

    New product on offer - large-scale gantry milling machines

    Gazelle of Business

    Business Gazelle 2013 title for TBI Technology

  7. Torni Tacchi

    Initiating cooperation with Italian manufacturer Torni Tacchi for the delivery and commissioning of a 6-meter-long heavy lathe for a leading mining and metallurgical concern.

    Gazelle of Business

    Business Gazelle 2014 title for TBI Technology.

  8. TBI VC Smart Mill series

    Introducing the new TBI VC Smart Mill product line - an economical line of vertical machining centers on Siemens 828 D control and in a closed configuration.

    TBI TC 300 series

    Introduction of a new series of lathes for series production - TBI TC 300.

    Diament Forbesa

    TBI Technology receives the 2015 Forbes Diamond award.

    Gazelle of Business

    Business Gazelle 2015 title for TBI Technology.

  9. TBI Group development

    Establishment of TBI Lease, a company dedicated to leasing TBI-branded machinery.

    New service center

    Opening of new service center with small assembly hall, training room and spare parts warehouse.


    Start of cooperation with OMOS from the Czech Republic for the offer of carousel lathes .

    Gazelle of Business

    Business Gazelle 2016 title for TBI Technology.

  10. New Line

    Modernization of the TBI VC line of vertical machining centers.

    Trade fairs

    Participation in Industry Fairs: ITM, Toolex, MSV Brno.

  11. Assembly in PL

    Start of assembly of TBI brand machine tools in Poland.

    TBI in Taiwan

    Opening of TBI Technology's office in Taiwan.

    10 years of TBI

    Conference on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of TBI Technology 20.04.2018

  12. TBI Group development

    Establishment of Domgos 2 in Tarnowskie Góry, specializing in welded structures.

    Gazelle of Business

    Business Gazelle title for TBI Technology, awarded to the fastest growing small and medium-sized companies.

  13. TBI Connect

    Remote machine service introduced as standard to TBI machine tool offerings.

    TBI MVC 2590

    Introduction of the TBI MVC 2590 HH vertical machining center.

  14. CNC Academy

    Opening of a Heidenhain training center for future and current CNC operators, equipped with 6 individual workstations.

    TBI Tools Online Shop

    Launching an online store for machining tools for the TBI Tools brand.

    Scout production monitoring system

    Introduction of a real-time production monitoring application (free trial through TBI Connect).

    3D Master

    TBI Technology becomes a distribution partner for ZW3D software - an integrated CAD/CAM system.

  15. TBI Tools Premium Line

    Introducing a new line of TBI Tools - top-quality products made with state-of-the-art technology.

    B2B Platform

    Launching a B2B platform for TBI customers with direct access to service and purchase history, as well as inventory of spare parts and tools.


    Opening an educational portal on CNC industry topics www.skuteczneCNC.pl.

Versatility as standard

standardized CNC machine components, rich functionality as standard

Short delivery times

machine warehouse in Poland

Quality policy

implemented ISO 9001 system

Full warranty service

mobile team and on-line supervision


quick contact and order processing via forms and the B2B platform

Convenient shopping

online store with tools and spare parts


The 4 main values that guide us are: experience, partnership, development and effectiveness.

Manufacturer experience

  • TBI Technology started its business as a distributor. Throughout our time on the market, we have developed our competence and resources to become a manufacturer and have a direct impact on the product we sell.
  • We now control the production process of our machines from start to finish, as we have service technicians who are properly experienced and trained in this area.
  • We have a warehouse of spare parts in Poland .
  • We have more than a dozen years of experience working with leading manufacturers of machine tool components.
  • We know our products inside out. We ourselves integrate TBI machines with external devices like 4 axes, feeders, robots.

A multi-track approach to CNC

  • We supply tools for machining.
  • We provide maintenance and remote service of TBI Connect.
  • We train CNC operators at the CNC Academy.
  • We develop solutions in the area of new technologies – robotization, CAD/CAM software.
  • Encouraged by the success of the TBI brand, we decided to expand it with other brands, and an example of this is TBI Tools – on the one hand, our own tool brand, and on the other, a multi-brand tool supplier.
  • We are always moving with the times – the concept of Industry 4.0 includes a real-time labor monitoring application to better manage production.

Complementary implementations

  • We take a holistic approach to CNC implementations at TBI: in addition to the machine, we supply customers with CNC tools and tooling such as 4th axis and bar feeders.
  • We also offer software, and we do implementations so that everything works together.
  • We carry out the possible selection of technologies and tools even before the machine is delivered, and implement IT solutions before the machine is installed.
  • We train at the CNC Academy, so that the operator training itself at the machine goes smoothly, and the operator feels confident in working with the new machine.

Proven solutions

  • Standard: Good quality and technical machines with specifically selected parameters as standard for the TBI brand. We maintain key machine lines according to a certain standard, which reduces production time and cost, as well as for optimal servicing of equipment. The benefit of this solution is the short delivery time, as these machines are in stock in Poland.
  • Personalized: if our standard doesn’t measure up, we can always find another solution. When the production task or technology presented requires a special solution – we have a wide network of cooperating partners who are able to provide us with a customized solution – such as deep drilling machine tools, heavy-duty lathes, large-scale boring machines.

TBI Technology

TBI Technology is a producer and distributor of CNC machines. We support the client with a unique combination of knowledge – resulting from the independent production and assembly of machines, and a wide understanding of the market of other CNC machine manufacturers – which we distribute.

The leadership position has allowed us to gain our innovative approach and brand care. We have achieved this by selecting reliable solutions, modifying the technologies used and developing a complementary offer. We always focus on the final product of our client – we adjust the entire process to it.

We are constantly expanding the CNC market with new effective solutions to make our clients’ business run faster and more efficiently. We like to raise the bar, but for ourselves. That is why we offer not only the CNC machines themselves, but most of all advice on their selection, tools and technology. We optimize the work on our machines by providing CAD / CAM software, production monitoring and remote service.

Based on our many years of experience, we pass the knowledge on. We implement the Effective CNC educational program and train future operators at the CNC Academy.

Experience in numbers

Effective CNC implementations

Our overarching goal is the effectiveness of machines, which is why we guarantee you the support of our advisors, which will allow you to maximize the potential of our products, resulting in efficient and effective production.


projects carried out all over Poland


customers who came back to us with a second or subsequent order


customer satisfaction level tested 6 months after purchase

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