Large Machine Tools


Large-size machine tools from reputable manufacturers are available at TBI Technology. These machines are characterized by incredible precision of work and durability. The proposed solutions work perfectly in many fields of industry, they are indispensable in the processing of large-size details.

Large-size machine tools – a guarantee of reliable and efficient operation

Large-size machine tools – a guarantee of reliable and efficient operation

The operation of large-size machine tools is based on advanced technologies that make it possible to perform precise cutting of individual components. What distinguishes CNC machine tools is the numerical control system. The equipment we offer consists of the highest quality, world-class components. This gives you the assurance of reliable operation for many years. Machines are covered by a warranty, and in case of a defect, we offer our service throughout Poland.

Available at TBI Technology are:

  • Ermafa Auerbach deep drilling machine tools,
  • Torni Tacchi heavy-duty lathes,
  • OMOS carousel lathes,
  • Poręba large size lathes.

Ermafa Auerbach deep drilling machine tools – the highest degree of accuracy.

Auerbach AX series machine tools were developed for machining large-volume workpieces in five axes. These machines allow any combination of column bed and table. They feature increased rigidity of the system, thanks to the use of two reciprocating ball screws to move the headstock. AX machine tools can be purchased with heads for heavy machining and high-speed finishing. These machines allow combining milling operations with deep drilling. Auerbach’s TLF series machine tools, on the other hand, are machines with which holes from 3 to 65 mm can be made in workpieces of various shapes at depths of up to 2,100 mm.

Torni Tacchi heavy-duty lathes, OMOS carousels and Poreba large-format lathes

Torni Tacchi is an Italian company that produces lathes designed for heavy industry, such as metallurgy, oil and armaments. At TBI Technology, we offer four models of lathes from this brand. They differ in turning diameter (from 1340 to 2200 mm) and spindle passage (from 120 to 160 mm).

Carousel lathes are machines that allow the manufacture of a variety of shapes, such as cones, cylinders or irregular forms. The offered OMOS lathes allow processing of various materials characterized by large weight and size with extreme precision. The offered OMOS SSK 30-35 lathe features a 250×250 slide cross-section.

As for Poreba large-format lathes, there are two models available at TBI from this company. The TCG 160×10 m is a standard claw lathe with a spindle passage of 105 mm. On the other hand, the second variant, the TBI TCF 200-3/2 CNC × 8000, features enhanced durability properties.

If you want to increase the efficiency of your business, bet on the best large-size machine tools available on the market. The machines on offer include standard equipment, which can be enhanced with optional components that will make your work even more efficient, as well as increase the accuracy of machining. We invite you to take a look at our proposals for your business!