IT Solutions

Advice on supervising the operation of CNC machines

In cooperation with the software provider, we prepare each of our machines to connect a free test of the production monitoring system (as part of the TBI Connect service).

After the testing period, the customer can decide to purchase the application, which can be installed on the customer’s servers or purchased in the cloud version (SaaS).

Installation of the application requires running the appropriate cycle in the machine control, hence cooperation with the machine supplier is needed each time. We also install the production monitoring system on the customer’s other equipment, so that we have a view of the operation of the entire production plant.

Our IT solutions also include software for 3D design and creation of machining technology. ZW3D CAD/CAM   system as an integrated tool is recommended with TBI machine tools. The machines have post-processors prepared for this, and the ZW3D system offering is at a special price.

IT solutions we offer

ZW3D CAD/CAM software

An integrated CAD/CAM solution designed for the entire product development process.

Remote monitoring of machines

A system for remote monitoring of machine tool performance in real time.


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