Milling machines


TBI CNC machining centers and gantry milling machines are a wide range of universal machine tools for metal processing in 3, 4 and 5 axes.

The offer of milling machines includes::

  • vertical machining centers:
    • VC Smart Mill series in a cost-effective solution with Siemens control and closed equipment configuration,
    • VC series with Heidenhain control, with high possibility of expansion with additional equipment and options,
    • MVC series  on box guideways, designed for machining large details,
  • horizontal machining centers SH series for 4-sided machining,
  • 5-axial machining centers series U5,
  • large-size double column milling machines SDV-H series with the possibility of 5-sided machining.

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Vertical milling centers - VC Smart Mill series

X/Y/Z axis travels from 1000/600/650 mm to 1500/700/700 mm.
Max spindle speed 10000 rpm (option 12000/15000 rpm).

Vertical Machining Centers - VC series

X/Y/Z axis travels from 1000/600/650 mm to 1500/700/700 mm.
Max spindle speed 15000 rpm.

Vertical Machining Centers - MVC series

X/Y/Z axis travels from 1800/900/900 mm to 2500/1000/1000 mm.
Max spindle speed 15000 rpm.

5-axis Milling Center - U5 series

Przejazdy w osiach X/Y/Z 620/520/460 mm oraz obrót/uchyl stołu w osiach C/B 360° / +40?/-110?.
Maks. obroty wrzeciona 12000 obr/min.

CNC Double Column Machining Center - SDV-H series

X/Y/Z axis travels from 1600/1100/760 mm to 6200/3900/1400 mm.
Max spindle speed from 4000 to 10000 rpm.

Horizontal Milling Center - SH series

X/Y/Z axis travels from 630/630/630 mm to 1530/1250/1250 mm.
Max spindle speed 10000 rpm.

Rotary table

Enable equipping a 3-axis center with an additional 4th axis.

Touch probes

Probes facilitate workpiece or tool setup and dimensional inspection. We offer probes and related original Heidenhain and Hexagon brand tooling.

CNC Machining Center

Our milling machines enable a wide range of machining operations. Each of our CNC 3-axis machining centers can be additionally equipped with special workpiece clamping systems or heads, thus enabling collision-free 4-axis, 5-axis or 5-axis machining.

Vertical Machining Centers – Vertical Milling Machines

TBI’s range of 3-axis vertical milling machines for metalworking includes several models from which you can choose the functionality to suit your needs. For example, the small compact milling machine TBI VC 1060 has a relatively small axis and a tool magazine for 24 tools, but stands out for its high feed rate: up to 36 m/min in the X/Y/Z axes.

Horizontal Machining Center

TBI’s horizontal machining center, such as the SH 500 milling center with a 500 × 500 rotary table, has a chain magazine for 60 positions and uses a servo drive. The feed speed in the X/Y/Z axis is 30 m/min. We also offer a milling machine with a larger table 1000×1000, which is equipped with a two-arm automatic tool changer, it’s tool magazine holds 40 tools, and the travel speed is 15 to 20 m/min. Both machines have a T-slot for easy attachment of external tooling such as a machine vice, which can be found in another category of our store.

CNC Double Column Machining Center

CNC Double Column Machining Center are used for machining bulky workpieces with high weight, from 3 to 22 tons. They can process on 5 sides. TBI SDV-H 1611 model has a table with an area of 1600 x 1000 mm and a load capacity of about 3000 kg. Tool magazine with a two-arm exchanger, with the basic number of tools 24, and optionally from 32 to 40. Feed in the X/Y/Z axes from 12 to 15 m/min. or from 15 to 20 m/min.

5-axis milling machines

The TBI U5 5-axis milling machine is a CNC machine tool, which, in addition to travel in the X Y Z axes, has a table rotating in the C axis in the range of 360 degrees at a speed of 25 revolutions per minute and tilting in the B axis +40 degrees and -110 degrees with the same speed of rotation per minute as in the C axis. The magazine holds 32 (40, 60) tools. The feed rate in the main X/Y/Z axes is 36 m/min.

Avaliable models differ from each other, but they also have many common features. All TBI milling machines have a body made of cast iron, temperature stabilized spindle, quick double-arm tool changing and full protection of working space.

As you can see, we offer modern and safe devices that will improve the work in your machine park.