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We provide the following consulting services.

CNC machine selection

Do you have a manufacturing task to perform? Are you thinking about increasing your company's competitiveness? The previous machining quality was unsatisfactory? Our sales consultant will recommend a machine tool, based on the company's experience as a machine manufacturer and excellent knowledge of the CNC machine supplier market.

Selection of cutting tools and technology

We help factories select the optimal tools for the production task. We have our own tooling brand and experience in implementing workpieces into production. We also carry out complex deliveries of CNC machine tools at our customers' sites.

CNC implementations

We help companies comprehensively implement CNC machining, with the starting point being the customer's production task. We work in an interdisciplinary team: a machine tool sales engineer with the support of a cutting tool engineer and a service engineer. We recommend a complementary offer including: CNC machine tool, measuring probes, tool package. This approach guarantees a quick start of production and use of the potential of the CNC machine tool. This solution is also optimal in terms of price, due to the company's discount policy and the possibility of financing the complete purchase through leasing. If the task requires it - we automate production by providing bar feeder, divider - 4th axis, robots, CAD/CAM software, special instruments.

Supervising the operation of CNC machines

Production efficiency requires supervision of the production process not only at the stage of technology selection and equipment purchase, but also monitoring of machine operation after the start of work at the customer's site. So far, this is standard in few companies. We recommend real-time monitoring, which does not require manual reporting in systems, and is implemented via WiFi in a special browser application.

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CNC service

We provide warranty and post-warranty service for our customers. We offer modern solutions for TBI machine servicing through the TBI Connect service. Each machine tool supplied by us during the warranty period has 24-hour online monitoring, and the services provided in the form of tele-service reduce machine downtime and costs. Machines under warranty longer than 12 months have an annual diagnostic inspection.

CNC Training

We train the staff of our customers in the operation of CNC machines and conduct specialized courses in Heidenhain control within the framework of the CNC Academy. Prepared training scenarios assume getting acquainted with all operations on a CNC machining center - milling, threading, drilling... They are first implemented on workstations, so that the operator without stress in the virtual space can practice on the same keyboard as already in the actual work with the machine. Later, training is carried out on the TBI Machining Center available at the Academy.

Financing the purchase

We assist clients in obtaining financing. With the aim of convenience and efficient handling of the purchase, a dedicated advisor will guide you through the process of obtaining financing from proven partners with whom we have cooperation agreements. We will present different leasing options for our products and provide all the necessary explanations.

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