Lathes manufactured under the TBI brand are based on universal solutions and components from global manufacturers.

The range of lathes includes:

  • with the slanted bed of the TC 300 series for machining short workpieces,
  • TC 400 series for processing workpieces with a length of 400 m,,
  • with the possibility of milling TC 500 series,
  • multi-tasking turning center with milling function i-42,
  • VT series for details up to 4 m in length,
  • vertical VTL series,
  • for heavy industry of the Poreba brand.

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Slant bed CNC Lathes - VT series

X/Z axis travels from 240+40/550 mm to 500+50/4000 mm.
Max spindle speed 3500 rpm.

Vertical lathes - VTL series

X/Z axis travels from 1405/1000 mm to 1835/1000 mm.
Max table rotation 350 rpm.

Lathes with the possibility of milling - TC 500 series

X/Y/Z axis travels 250/80?40/500 mm.
Max spindle speed 4000 rpm.

Slant bed lathes - TC 300 series

X/Z axis travels 200/300 mm.
Max spindle speed 6000 rpm.

Automatic Lathes I-42

X1/Y1/Z1 axis travels 150/410/250 mm and X2/Y2/Z2 axis travels 450/380/300 mm.
Max spindle speed 6000 rpm.

Bar feeder

Automatic feeder for bars from 6 to 105 mm in diameter and up to 1525 mm in length.

CNC lathes - TC 400 series

New in the offer!

X/Z axis travels 210/400 (600) mm.
Max spindle speed 6000 rpm.

Heavy-duty lathes Poreba

Internationally recognized trademark for heavy-duty lathes.

Lathes of the TC 300 series

The TC 300 series lathes are basic models, with driven tools, with counter-spindle and in one machine with driven tools and counter-spindle. All have a 300 mm turning length and a 320 – 380 mm turning diameter. For example, one of the i-42 models includes a Gantry x2 column tool magazine with milling tools. The number of spindle tools is 6 angular and 5 straight and 12 driven tools. The number of counter spindle tools is 5 angular and 9 straight and also 12 driven.

Lathes of TC 500 series

The TC 500 Series lathes have a lathe turning length of 500 mm. The turning diameter is the same as in the previously mentioned group of lathes. Both series are super fast CNC lathes that have an X/Z axis travel speed of 30m/min and have Fanuc control as standard. The TC 500 features a turret headstock with space for 12 tools and a tool holder model BMT-55 power control. In addition to above average speed, the CNC lathe is characterized by its accuracy and high level of reliability.

Lathes of VT series

VT series lathes are distinguished by an slant bed, whereas individual models differ in the range of turning lengths, which for the whole group of machines ranges from 540 mm to 4000 mm. The smallest turning diameter is 480 mm and the largest is 990 mm. CNC lathe centers with an slant bed are used for heavy machining of bulky workpieces with a maximum turning length of up to 6 meters. They are equipped with different types of turret heads. The use of modern technological solutions makes the offered CNC lathe for metal satisfy the most demanding customers.

Lathes of VTY series

Lathes with Y axis are characterized by high stability and very high rigidity of the machine tool, which guarantees precise turnings of workpieces up to 1 m long. This is the VTY series of powered tools with turning lengths from 505 mm to 2920 mm. Available models use A2-6, A2-8 and A2-11 spindles and have a maximum turning diameter of either 300mm or 320mm.

VTL vertical lathes

VTL vertical lathes are used for turning, boring of cylindrical, conical and curvilinear surfaces. Available models have table diameters: the smallest 1250 mm and the largest 5700 mm for a conventional machine. The smallest turning diameter is 1600 mm to 6300 mm. The tool magazine can optionally have a drive. If the magazine does not have a drive, it holds 12 or 18 pieces. It can store 18 driven tools, 9 each for turning and milling. The maximum tool length varies from 400 mm to 450 mm. The offered CNC metal lathe is characterized by extreme precision and efficiency during operation.

Flat bed lathes

We can offer also flat bed lathes designed for unit and small series production. A perfect solution for companies starting to work with CNC machine tools. We are talking about FT series, where for the whole group of machines the range of turning lengths is from 1000 mm to 6000 mm. While the maximum diameter of the material can be from 425 mm to 1020 mm. It is worth mentioning the options related to the tool magazine. Depending on the model, the turret can have 8 tools. The numerical lathe is characterized by high functionality and reliable operation. Our customers also appreciate the high level of precision offered by flat bed lathes.