Slant bed lathes - TC 300 series


CNC lathes with slanted bed TC 300 series

X / Z axis feeds at 30m/min with Fanuc control as standard.

Main features of the TC 300 series machine tools:

  • A rich standard at an entry-level price for high-volume volume production of parts.
  • Servo turret drive to guarantee reduced side times and fast positioning.
  • Comfortable operation and easy chip removal thanks to the inclined bed, workpiece transport system and scraper chip conveyor in the basic machine equipment.
  • Super fast thanks to X/Z axis feeds of 30 m/min.
  • Availability of spare parts and simplicity of servicing thanks to universal technical solutions and components from renowned manufacturers.

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Slant bed latches – TC 300 series

Lathes are widely used tools, without which work in many manufacturing plants would not be possible. Thanks to their numerous functionalities, it is possible to machine various types of materials, and a proper selection of a lathe guarantees high quality of turned details as well as comfort and simplicity of operation. Check which lathes with inclined bed are available in this category and then choose the model best suited to your needs.

TC Series Slant Bed Lathes – Compact models worthy of your attention

The TC series of lathes includes models that differ in several important parameters such as counter-spindle and driven tools. The basic model, the TC Compact, does not have these features, while later models have one of these features. The top model, i.e. the TC Compact SMC lathe, is equipped with both a counter-spindle and driven tools, which significantly improves the working comfort and application possibilities of this machine.

Despite the abovementioned differences in available functions of specific models, lathes of the TC series also have many common features. The most important are the 45-degree slant bed, which is made as a monolithic cast iron casting and the same length and diameter of turning. The turning length for each model is 300 mm and the diameter is 320 mm.

Among the common features of the TC 300 series lathes it is worth mentioning the fast travel rate of 30m/min and comfortable operation. The bed inclination enables easy chip evacuation and the ease of operation is further improved by the work piece transport system and the scraper chip conveyor. All these features are available in the basic equipment of the machine.

Slant bed lathes – extensive standard equipment

One of the important features that distinguish TBI brand lathes from others is the extensive standard equipment. Each of them is equipped with Fanuc control as standard, which provides wide range of machining possibilities and has positive influence on comfort of operation.

Like all TBI lathes, they are also made using universal technical solutions and subsystems of well-known producers. This has a positive influence on spare parts availability and significantly reduces the machine downtime.

We would like to invite you to get acquainted with the detailed parameters of the machine tools available with us. We are convinced that these products are worth your attention, so carefully review all the parameters and then choose the model that is best suited to your needs.


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