Consulting in the selection of cutting tools and technologies

We determine the type of machining and select the appropriate tools, cutting parameters, etc. depending on the characteristics of the processed material, batch size, and machine park. The experience in optimizing machining technology gained in the implementation of our own production allows us to choose the most economical process.

As specialists in the CNC industry, we know that cutting tools are one of the most frequently purchased assortments in production plants using machining technology. Purchases are often made from a few or even a dozen suppliers of tools due to the fact that no manufacturer is able to cover the full range of tools used in this technology.

For this reason, we have created our own tool brand TBI Tools, where we develop two own product lines: economic basic and high-performance premium. We are also a distributor of other manufacturers. As a supplier that supports many brands of tools – we can choose a compatible replacement for the solutions already used, as well as make a special tool.