At TBI, we take care of potential customers at the stage of searching for sources of financing the purchase!

When speaking with a sales service specialist, please answer a few questions:

  • hw long you have been in business,
  • what funds you want to use for the down payment,
  • whether you care about a low installment or a low buyout.

The answers will allow us to adjust the offer.

For the leasing companies we work with, we are an authorized supplier, which significantly reduces the time to obtain financing and does not require reconciliation of payment terms. We also have a financing solution for StartUp’s.

Range of


TBI Technology is an authorized supplier at PKO Leasing Sp. z o.o.

ING Lease

Lease offer from a TBI representative.

A form of leasing that makes it possible to finance purchases with a value of
to 180 000 PLN.

Lease offer from a TBI representative.

Buying professional machines, such as lathes and state-of-the-art machine tools that support production, especially high-volume production, entails high costs. Especially at the beginning of a business, it is difficult to afford them without taking out an investment loan, or at least a targeted grant, such as from the European Union.

However, it is well known that without the right tools, it is impossible to do business and compete in the manufacturing and processing industry. That’s why we come to our customers with an offer that may allow them to make a purchase despite the lack of sufficient own funds for it.

Financing as a way to equip the company

We are well aware that buying a machine can be too much of a challenge for our potential customers. So we at TBI provide appropriate forms of financing for the purchase. If you are interested in the possibility of covering the cost of the machine selected from our offer, contact us. We have targeted external sources of financing, including leasing, prepared for you.

It’s understandable that you may have questions and concerns about external financing options for the purchase of lathes or machine tools and the necessary equipment for them. You are welcome to visit our company, where you will meet with a specialist who will check what your financial needs are. The answers to the questions will make it easier to match the offer to your needs:

  • What is the seniority of your company?
  • How much spare money do you have that you want to use for the purchase – such as a down payment?
  • Do you want to pay a low installment, or do you prefer a cheap buyout of the machine in the future?

The answers to these and other questions that may arise while we are still talking will allow us to tailor an offer to a particular customer. We are committed to your satisfaction and finalizing the transaction on mutually beneficial terms.

The very fact that our company, TBI Technology, is a manufacturer and supplier of machinery and equipment, including CNC machine tools, makes it possible for leasing companies to quickly acquire the necessary leased item and put it to use for the customer. This significantly reduces the time required to obtain financing and there is no need to agree on installment payment terms. We also have a financing solution for startup companies.

What is leasing?

You’ve certainly heard of leasing, but it’s possible that you don’t fully understand how it works in practice. This is an external way to finance the purchase of certain fixed assets. Leasing is most often mentioned in the context of acquiring transportation assets, such as cars for a company, but it is not the only option. Specialized machinery and equipment are leased just as effectively.

A leasing contract is a civil law contract under which the lessor, or financier, places a particular thing – the object of the lease – into service. It can be a lathe, machine tool and other types of equipment that are fixed assets. On the other hand, in a lease agreement, the lessee, or lessee, agrees to use it for its intended purpose, for a specified period of time, in exchange for payment of an initial fee – the initial rent – and monthly payments – the lease installments. Before a machine can be leased to a lessee, the lessor must acquire it. Due to the fact that we deliver it directly to the leasing companies we cooperate with, the whole process is carried out in the shortest possible time. Learn more about machinery leasing.

In terms of leasing services, we have:
  • LeaseLink – a form of leasing that allows financing purchases of up to PLN 50,000.
  • ING Lease – lease offer from TBI representative.
  • Lease NOW – a form of leasing that allows financing purchases of up to PLN 180,000.
  • mLeasing – lease offer from TBI representative.

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