CNC Double Column Machining Center - SDV-H series


Double Column Machining Center SDV-H

X/Y/Z axis travels from 1600/1100/760 mm to 6200/3900/1400 mm.

  • Cast iron unit body
  • Gantry structure
  • Linear guideways by all axes (roller type)
  • 3-linear guideways constructions in X-, Y-axes
  • 4-linear guideways constructions in Z-axis
  • Spindle thermal compensation
  • Z-axis hydaulic counter-balanced
  • Central lubrication system
  • High quality ball screws
  • Absolute encoders
  • High powers of drives and torques for high-performance machining
  • Workpieces weight: 3 to 32 tones
  • 2-arm tool changer
  • Loading from the top, side, and front of the machine
  • Fully enclosed splash guard

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CNC Gantry Milling Machines – perfect for machining bulky models

Gantry milling machines available at TBI allow machining of large-size models weighing from 3 to 32 tons. Each model has a detailed description of the maximum weight of the workpiece that can be processed, so before choosing it, it is worth to get known its technical parameters. Models also differ in the length of the longitudinal travel of the table, from the shortest 1600mm to the longest 6200mm and the length of travel in the other 2 axes.

CNC gantry milling machines available in this category have a rigid construction, because their body is made of cast iron. This allows for precise and accurate machining of bulky workpieces, which results in the quality of the manufactured parts.

Gantry milling machines are designed to provide the highest precision in machining of large-size workpieces, but also to enable comfortable operation. The milling machines allow loading and unloading from the top, side and front of the machine, allowing you to choose the loading and unloading method best suited to the type of workpiece.

Gantry milling machines – choose the model for you

We take care of a wide range of gantry milling machines and offer different models, so you can match them to the type of machining and size of the workpiece you want to process with them. Some models differ in many parameters, others only in some, so before choosing, read the list of technical parameters carefully and choose the one that best fits your selection criteria.

Regardless of which model you choose, you can be sure that TBI gantry milling machines are models based on universal technical solutions and components from well-known manufacturers. This guarantees fast and trouble-free availability of spare parts, which, in turn, translates into short machine downtime when one of the parts needs to be replaced.

We would like to invite you to look through our detailed offer of gantry milling machines. Check the available models and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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