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Call us Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. and we will give you comprehensive telephone advice. Outside the working hours of our advisors, we suggest you send us an email or contact us through the contact form.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

The contact form can be accessed from the main menu from the “Contact” tab.

This can be done in two places on our website:

  • In the upper right corner by “Customer Panel” you will find all the detailed forms. Also a service form.
  • In the “Service” tab through the first block on the left “Report a fault”.

We recommend using the form, because it guarantees that the application will reach the right people. This is the fastest way to report a problem with a TBI machine.

The claim form can be found in the Customer Panel. It should be filled out and sent.

To apply for the repurchase of a used TBI machine tool, first of all, please fill out the “Apply for the repurchase of a TBI machine tool” form.

When we receive it, we will verify whether we have such a machine and contact you to provide information.

We report the recommendation through the form in the Customer Panel. After submitting the form, you will be contacted by our employee and presented with the benefits of recommending TBI Technology.

General rules for examinations:
  • The participant should be at least 18 years old.
  • The exam is held on the premises of TBI Technology, on equipment provided to the Participant.
  • During the practical exam, the participant is not allowed to use any telecommunication devices.

The exam is conducted in a practical form, the participant gets to perform individual tasks depending on the module.

During the exam, the trainer fills out an exam report of the participant’s evaluation. Evaluation is conducted on a percentage scale.

A passing grade of 80% is required to pass the exam. Evaluation of the results of the practical exam is carried out by the examiner. The evaluation results are evaluated periodically by an independent evaluator.

After completing the exam, the examiner confirms the results with a signature.
Based on a positive decision, a certificate is issued.

These are machines that can be purchased with short delivery times.

Next to each machine is marked its status – new/used.

You can also see 4 different types of icons:

in production machine in production

promotion in production promotion in production

in stock machine in stock

promotion in stock promotion in stock

The first startup of the machine would not be possible without proper coolant and oil. That’s why we offer a starter package of these fluids when you buy the machine. We introduced this as a standard already at the stage of signing the contract, so that no one would miss this information.

If the customer agrees to let us supply coolant and oil – our team at TBI Tools has ready-made packages depending on the machine chosen. This is a solution that simplifies the whole procedure, the customer does not have to worry about anything, everything is delivered with the machine. On the other hand, when the customer refuses – he must read the information containing the requirements to be met by the coolant and oil, and provide them on his own at the start-up of the machine tool.

When choosing a coolant, you should pay attention to, among other things. Whether they are miscible or immiscible with water or whether they are oil/oil-free.

We recommend semi-synthetic water-based coolants for machining cast iron, steel and aluminum.

As for oils – there are hydraulic and lubricating oils to choose from – depending on your needs.

For more information, please visit the TBI Tools website, and the staff of the tool department will also be happy to provide information in this regard.

You can download safety data sheets here:

ECOCOOL R Refrigerant – VHCM.



Remote service is 100% solution based on our infrastructure – device and SIM card, the machine does not need access to the customer’s Internet. At your request for a machine with Heidenhain control, we send service reports every 2 weeks.

The connection to the machine is made after getting permission from the cnc operator, who presses a button on the machine control. The connection is encrypted, and the code-type data is secure – we can’t see it.

The remote service is free of charge when we deliver the machine to the customer. Telephone and email helpdesk is also free, and a report is sent from each diagnosis. When the one-year warranty ends, the customer can extend the remote service. Then all you have to do is pay an annual administration fee, and the service will be billed for each hour started.

TBI Technology ‘s workstation was designed to replicate a machine tool control panel as closely as possible.

Its components are contained in an ergonomic and compact housing. This ensures the user’s comfort even during hours of training. There is only one power cable to the station. If it were to be disconnected, we could move it anywhere. After reconnecting to the network, it is immediately ready to work.

In training, we work on a touchscreen monitor as if we were working on a Heidenhain MC8420 computer. These solutions give the user the feeling of working on a “real” Heidenhain control.

A CNC simulator, on the other hand, is simply a program that can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website (in this case, Heidenhain) and then installed on your computer.

We can then see the keyboard and the working screen on one screen. We move with the mouse or keyboard shortcuts. The limitation of such a simulator is 100 program blocks, so simulating machine tool operation with more blocks is impossible.

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