Hexagon TS 35.20 tool probe


Hexagon TS 35.20 tool probe

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Main product features:

  • Contact probe TS 35.20 for tool setting and broken tool detection
  • For measuring tools and detecting broken tools on vertical machining centers.
  • The precise measuring mechanism reliably measures the length and radius of the tool.
  • The measurement can be both static and dynamic.
  • All tasks can be performed in the shortest possible time using measurement cycles.

Standard equipment

  • proven kinematic design,
  • minimum tool size for detection ? 0.5 mm
  • designed for small and medium-sized milling machines
  • Interference-resistant wired communications,
  • IP68 waterproofing,
  • Mechanical fuse - protection against damage during a collision,
  • 1.00 ?m 2? repeatability.

Optional equipment

  • Each set of probes purchased from TBI comes fully equipped and includes:
  • tool probe 35.20-TS-PT,
  • IRP 40.02 workpiece probe,
  • M&H SK40 DIN69871 taper,
  • L=2M/6.5 cable,
  • L=10M/32 cable,
  • 18mm T-NUT nut,
  • M4 mandrel for probe L=103, D=6; 91.00-T103/06-KE-M4,
  • receiver mounting bracket,
  • receiver 91.42.

Technical data

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