Heidenhain TT 460 tool probe


Heidenhain TT 460 tool probe

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Main product features:

  • Heidenhain brand wireless detail probes and tools
  • latest generation probes with anti-collision system
  • each probe can work with 10 receivers, as well as each receiver can work with 10 probes
  • full range of stylus

Standard equipment

  • 3rd generation wireless contact tool probe
  • radio communication up to 30 m
  • advanced SE 660 receiver that allows you to work with more probes and receivers
  • battery power, operating time: 400 h lithium batteries, 120 h alkaline and 90 h rechargeable batteries
  • anti-collision system - fuse

Optional equipment

  • we recommend the simultaneous installation of the TT 460 tool probe and TS 460 workpiece via a common SE 660 receiver

Technical data

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