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Frequently Asked Questions:

Dimensions of the detail receiver box L. 160 x w. 160 x D. 60.

The horse does not have its own propulsion system (screw, motor). It can be pulled up to a certain position by hooking it to the base of the tool head.

The idea of intercept in a lathe is chuck-to-chuck contact. On the TBI TC300 lathe, the jaws of the counter-spindle and spindle chucks come down to zero.

We use a two-stage gearbox. The transmission is synchronized with the engine’s operation, and gear shifting occurs at the most opportune moment.

The characteristics of the engine and transmission are adjusted so that the shift from gear to gear occurs at the optimal point for power and torque.

The turning diameter above the slide occurs with flat-bed lathes.

Thermal distortion compensation is activated in the PLC and based on temperature readings from additionally installed temperature sensors. They are located at characteristic points of the machine tool and compensation is made there.

This is approximately – 0.0038° (applies to manual heads indexing with Hirth rings).

Yes. It is mounted on the left side as standard. The transfer to the right requires minor mechanical and electrical modifications.

If the customer wants the conveyor to be on the right side, this should be informed before purchasing the machine.

In TBI machine tools, this value is up to 0.02 mm, (this is very little compared to other brands, where it is usually as much as 0.5 – 0.8 mm).

Chamfering is the last part of the screw termination / chamfer under the thread.

TBI machines do not perform such operations. Use specially designed machines for chubbing.

If the workpiece cannot be machined along its entire length due to holding in the chuck, it is clamped in claw takers. It is machined along its entire length without violence.

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