TBI H 110-130-160 RAM


TBI H 110-130-160 RAM

Main product features:

  • Vertical center head (syst em BOX in BOX).
  • The boring spindle is made of Vickers iron with a hardness of 1000.
  • Slide-out in RAM model.
  • A wide range of tables - movable / rotary / fixed with a load capacity of up to 60 tons.

Standard equipment

  • CNC control - latest version - HEIDENHAIN, SIEMENS
  • air-conditioned electrical cabinet
  • axial drives
  • ZF transmission, 2-stage
  • central lubrication system
  • Y-W axis ball and roller drives
  • headstock with compensation system
  • steel telescopic covers
  • central cooling system

Optional equipment

  • to order - according to customer needs

Technical data

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X axis mm 3600-5100 (in 500 mm increments)
Y axis mm 2000-3500 (in 500 mm increments)
Z axis mm 1600/2600
W axis (slider extension) mm 1000/1200
Axis V (quill) mm 800/1000/1200

Traffic mobile and rotary
table surface mm 1800×2200 / 1800×3000
Table load t 10-40
Speed g/1? 0,005-5 (4)

Quill diameter mm 110/130/160
Spindle taper ISO 50-7388/1
Max rpm rpm 3000
Max. power kW 100
Max. torque Nm 10000
Tool pulling force daN 3200

Fast feed mm/min 25000

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