TBI VT 630-131/3000 MC


TBI VT 630-131/3000 MC

Availability: In production: 1 pc, delivery: Q2/2023

Main product features:

  • inclined bed made as a monolithic cast iron bed
  • high structural rigidity
  • Slide guides in all axes
  • central lubrication system
  • possibility to use heads with driven tools (MC model)
  • possibility to use self-propelled tailstock
  • Spindle passage 131 mm, A2-11 taper

Standard equipment

  • Siemens 828D control
  • 12-position VDI 50 quick-change head with driven tools
  • 3-jaw hydraulic lathe chuck 15"
  • tool cooling system
  • Spindle passage 131 mm, A2-11 taper
  • increase in engine power to 37 kW
  • programmable tailstock
  • cooling of the electrical cabinet
  • chain-type chip conveyor with chip cart
  • set of hard and soft jaws
  • part catcher
  • high-pressure coolant pump 20 bar
  • tool probe

Optional equipment

  • hand wheel
  • fixed or movable hydraulic supports
  • Automatic tool measuring probe (can only measure on the spindle)

Technical data

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Max. diameter of the material above the bed mm 800
Max. turning diameter mm 630
Maximum diameter of material over covers mm 630
Maximum turning length mm 2950
Bed tilt st. 45˚+ 15˚

X-axis travel mm 315+30
X axis travel speed m/min 20
Z-axis passage mm 2960
Z-axis travel speed m/min 24

Spindle passage mm 131
Max. bar diameter in spindle mm 115
Spindle face A2-11
Max. drive power kW 37
Max. rotations rot/min 2000
Size of lathe chuck mm 380

Tool socket BMT-75 with voltage. tools
Number of head positions pcs. 12
Maximum tool diameter mm 32
Head indexing time sec. 0.9 (hydraulic) / 0.15 (servo)

Diameter of the claw bushing mm 150
Inner cone of the claw bushing MT-6
Claw sleeve travel mm 130

Length mm 7450
Width mm 2450
Height mm 2436
Weight kg 13100

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