TBI VC 1570 Smart Mill New Line


TBI VC 1570 Smart Mill New Line

Main product features:

  • machine body made of cast iron
  • structure based on cross slide table
  • linear rolling guides in all axes
  • 4 guideways in Y axis
  • temperature stabilization of the spindle
  • Z-axis balance unit
  • central lubrication system
  • high accuracy (+/- 0.005 mm) and repeatability of positioning (+/- 0.003 mm)
  • high drive power and high torques ensure high-performance machining

Standard equipment

  • Siemens 828D + ShopMIll controller with 15" touch panel
  • threading without compensating chuck
  • hand wheel
  • spindle 10,000 rpm - belt drive
  • cooling through the spindle 20 bar
  • spindle blow-off system
  • air and liquid cooling system for the tool
  • USB + Fast Ethernet data transmission
  • oil skimmer
  • 24 position tool magazine (ATC) SK40
  • hand guns for flushing the work surface (with water and air)
  • bottom chip flushing system
  • belt conveyor of chips with cart
  • cooling of the electrical cabinet

Optional equipment

  • spidnle direct-drive (DDS)
  • preparation for installation of 4 axes
  • numerically controlled 4 and 4/5 axes
  • tool touch probe
  • workpiece touch probe
  • 30 position tool magazine SK40 (ISO40)

Technical data

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Longitudinal travel of the table - X axis mm 1500
Transverse movement of the table - Y axis mm 700
Vertical travel of the headstock - Z axis mm 700
table surface mm 1650 x 700
T-slots (number x width x spacing) 5 x 18 x 100
Table load kg 2000
Spindle face distance - pow. table mm 130 - 830

Main drive drive belt / direct-drive
Clamping cone type SK40 (DIN69871)
Drive power (S1/S6) kW 15/24
Torque (S1/S6) Nm 96/240
Max. rotations rot/min 10000 (12000)

Type drum
Number of tools pcs. 24 (30)
Max. tool diameter (adjacent free space) mm 80 (150)
Max. tool weight kg 7
Max. tool length mm 300

Ball and roller screws in the X/Y/Z axes mm 50/50/40
Number of slides in X/Y/Z axes pcs. 2/4/2 (linear)
Feed rate in X/Y/Z axis m/min 36/36/36

Accuracy of machine positioning mm +/- 0,003
Repeatability of machine positioning mm

Total power consumption kVA 45
Length (with chip conveyor) x width x height mm 4150 (5314) x 2400 x 3233
Weight kg 14000
Compressed air (pressure) bar 6
Application of the machine tool
The TBI VC 1570 Smart Mill Vertical Machining Center is a general-purpose machine tool where the price/performance ratio is most favorable. The design and standard of configuration enable roughing and finishing machining in small batch and repetitive production, where the price/performance ratio is most favorable. The machines are used by our customers to produce machine components and dies, among other things. Comparing this model to existing solutions on the market, its advantage is the ability to machine tall parts, as the Z-axis travel is 700 mm. The Siemens 828D control used is very intuitive to use. The ShopMill graphical interface facilitates quick programming of single models and small batch production without the need for CAM software. The standard block processing time is 4.5 ms. The economy of the solution was achieved through a closed equipment configuration that allows full functionality.


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Note the increased payload capacity of the table, which is 2,000 kg. The design is based on a cross table, and the ball screws have the largest diameter (in the comparable machine segment) – this allows more weight to be placed on the table. On the other hand, the rolling guides used in the Y-axis allow uneven loading of the table while maintaining full machining parameters. The cart system used, with scrapers and automatic internal lubrication, is selected for harsh industrial conditions and high dustiness. Ergonomics and operator comfort are enhanced by the ability to drive the table up to the machine guard and load it. The TBI VC Smart Mill Machining Center features high structural rigidity and high repeatability of machining. Machining time is maximized by using a two-arm tool changer and a drum tool magazine that rotates by the shortest path. The important thing is that the tool is assigned in the control, not in the stock. By using Z-axis strain relief, the load on the motor is reduced by about 60%, which increases its life and reduces energy consumption.

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