TBI i-42-B


TBI i-42-B

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Main product features:

  • cast iron bed
  • high structural rigidity
  • X and Y axes with wide and hardened linear guides
  • possibility of milling and turning on one machine
  • column with driven B axis - 12 tools
  • max. spindle speed 4000 rpm
  • central lubrication system
  • precision reciprocating ball screws
  • fast feeds in all axes 30 m/min

Standard equipment

  • Fanuc 0iTF Plus 10" control + Manual Guide i
  • one column with space for tools
  • spindle and sub-spindle collet chuck
  • spindle 7.5/11 kW
  • C axis of the spindle
  • sub-spindle
  • C axis of the sub-spindle
  • maximum bar working diameter in the spindle 42 mm
  • maximum bar working diameter in the sub-spindle 30mm
  • interface to bar feeder
  • part catcher
  • part conveyor
  • integrated scraper chip conveyor

Optional equipment

  • 3-jaw spindle / sub-spindle lathe chuck
  • bar feeder
  • tool touch probe

Technical data

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Max. turning diameter mm 100
Max. bar diameter in spindle mm 42
Max. Max turning length mm 300
Through spindle hole diameter mm 43
Max. rotations rpm 4000 (option 6000)

Max. turning diameter mm 100
Max. bar diameter in spindle mm 30
Max. rotations rpm 4000 (option 6000)

Travel X1/Y1/Z1 axis mm 150/415/300
Travel X2/Y2/Z2 axis mm -/-/390
Travel speed in all axes m/min 30

OD/ID Tools Main Spindle pcs. 5 angular + 5 straight
OD/ID Tools Sub-spindle pcs. 3 angular + 4 straight
Max. tool dimension mm □ 20 ○ 20

Number of live tools pcs. 12
Max rpm rpm 4000
Max. drilling diameter mm 12

Length (with chip conveyor) mm 2900 (3500)
Width mm 1900
Height mm 1950
Weight kg 5600

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